I Am Living Well!


As I raced around the apartment to get ready for the day, I was cleaning a bit and I came across some old medications from a different time in my life. It wasn’t that long ago that I was getting more presciptions filled than some people may see in a lifetime. I had pills, liquids, iv’s, patches, inserts (yikes), wipes, creams, pads, tape, rinses, and the list goes on… all  for my gamut of ills for the moment. But TODAY, I don’t need any of them. I am SO ecstatic to throw them out because I am living well! Things are not perfect, and I still manage small (in comparison) health issues that come up, but I am far from where I used to be and I continue to declare that I AM LIVING & I AM WELL!!!

What have you come a far way from? What can you afford to throw out or release? How are you living well??? What do you declare for yourself?

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